Coin Change Price

VeriCoin (VRC) – Info

Market Cap $ 16,340,986
Rank 176
Total Supply 30,293,048
Algorithm Scrypt
Premined No
Block Cycle 0 min.
Block Reward 0

VRC is designed to reduce the PoW phase and enter PoS phase quickly. With a steady block reward and block time of sixty seconds, the PoW phase is designed to finish after the first few weeks of launch - 10/05/2014. The PoS interest rate is dynamic and depends on how much the coin is held and staked in the PoS. The dynamic interest rate is pegged at a sensible level of between 0-3% roughly. The PoS interest is gained through transaction fees which are also distributed to the Vericoin fund - to aid in development and promotion of the currency. There was no premine.